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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'll inspire you. I'll inspire you right to the moon.
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Hello citizens of FunkyTown,
Boy howdy! Ask and you shall recieve, huh?!
I wanted questions, and you gave them to me in abundance!
It might take me a day or two to answer everything, as it is a holiday and I have to get my sweet potato groove on. You can dig it.
This next one comes from Parker. Enjoy, and keep spreading the word!
Dear Yes Andy!
My name is Parker. I've seen you around.

Anyway, my question has to do with my life. Currently, I'm involved in a go nowhere job that I'm only working because of the "security" in a steady-paycheck and the benefits – which are nice – but the job is truly pointless. In fact, I'm writing to you as I am at my desk at work – "working." I understand the significance of the job in my life, as I'm hoping to go to school on this company's dollar – but I'm nearly the end of my proverbial rope…

I said I've seen you around. I saw that you directed, wrote, starred-in, produced, designed, and sang-in JAWS: The Musical. Not to mention marketing the show to make it a success each year… Anyway, my question is: how did you do it all? Where did you find the energy and drive and ability to sidestep the naysayers (even if they were only in your own head)? How did you get your work out there? How do you continue to get your work out there to grow as an artist in your community?

Please tell me how you do it. I want to do it too. I feel I have tons of stories and I'm worried if I don't get them out of my head, I'll regret it for the rest of my days.

Should I go to Iraq?

Waiting for your Wisdom,

Hell if I know, but I think that you have more power over your situation than you think. Yes Andy! once was at a job where they had me take staples out of documents so they could be scanned. I sat in a desk with a staple remover, a big stack of documents and another stack of separator sheets.
I did this for 8 hours. Every day. Counting the clock ticks until I heard the alarm go off. It sucked. I started putting all of my pulled staples into some empty starbucks cups. I filled two of them in the last three weeks of that job.
My goal was to keep all of the staples and make a sculpture with them. The sculpture would be a monument to the people who endure all the shit to do what they love and also to help me stave off madness. I also took a lot of smoke breaks.
Everybody is working a job or has worked a job that drains thier soul and makes them softly weep so the person in the cube next to them doesnt hear. You feel like you have sold out, right? Fuck that, Parker. You haven't sold out. You are playing them like a fiddle in the Smokie Mountains. You use the internet at work to get advice from some guy who is unemployed! I wish I had your gig. You have it great! You have financial stability, even though it may seem rocky at times. Here's what I think you should do:

1) Instead of using the internet, how about use your down time to plan your next move. Steal a notebook from the supply closet and maybe a box of super nice pens that offices usually have. I like those gel ones with the thick black ink. Those work so nice... Make a list of all the things you want to do. Things you want to perform. People you want to work with. Got that list going? Move on to #2.

2) See that list you made of people you want to work with? Chances are, they are is an office right now, surfing the net, waiting for something interesting to happen. They hate the office life too. They are riding a filament that's about to break too. Maybe it's the guy in the desk next to you? Who knows? I know it won't be you Parker, unless you ask. You develop an army of people you trust to share your fellings, thought and dreams with. THis Army will continue to grow and become stronger and filled with all sorts of people who can help you attain any goal you want. Everyone has talents, Parker. Even frat boys. And I have little good to say about frat boys.
Surround yourself with people who will inspire you. I call people on my list my KISS ARMY. You can call yours that too if you like. I didn't make it up.

3) You go to school on your company's dime. Do it. What are you waiting for? The biggest obstacle for anyone who wants to do things that are creative is that they tend to make excuses for everything. I know I'm guilty.
All people are. If they try to lie to you and say they are not, they are a jerk and you should slap them. Or get them the hell off of your kiss army list.
No excuses. Like that song says: 'Sha Na Na Na Na Na Live for Today...'
There is more to that song, but I forget...

4) Open mic nights. These are designed to help you test out stuff that you have done so far. Usually held at a bar, or coffee shop. There are people who will laugh at this idea because it has been labeled as something comical from movies or TV. Not the case. People will only make fun of you because they dont have the balls to go out and try it themselves. You have the balls, Parker. They are made of steel.

5) You said you have stories. Let's see them. What's this?! The internet has places to put these stories so people can read them? !!!
Stop poking the internet with a curiosity stick and use it as the tool it is!
Everybody and his brother is on myspace. Make up some new profile. Devote it to your writings. If Yes Andy! can do it, I know for a gods honest that you can too.

Parker, You have to understand that part of #3 in your five things is super true. (And I can't ge tthat song out of my head.) Excuses are what is going to keep you from doing what you want.
The day job is just to pay the bills. You get healthcare from these people, keep them happy so you can do the things you want after work. Take the staples out of the paper. Write lists. Just write daily! This is a good start.
If you have friends you can rely on to cheer you on, or if you are lucky enough to know the affection of a good woman(or man) you have everything you need to step outside and let the world know you mean business.
I honestly don't think you need my help or advice. I make mistakes daily. We all do. I'm just hoping I put a smile of a couple of faces. Then I know I'll have done good work today. Now if only I could get paid for this shit...
But I can't. I have to get an office job too. It's a necessary evil. And we all make up this life stuff as we go along.
So you make up stuff as you go along too. Your job allows time for it if you can sit at your computer and read whatever cryptic nonsense I write.
Now you have the power and confidence to do what you want.
Go! Write! Now! If not now, maybe later after you eat all the doughnuts in the break room. Damn. Doughnuts are good. I like the ones with custard inside.
As for JAWS The Musical, and you having seen me around, I think you are referring to my twin brother, Andy Brynildson. (I don't go out much) He has a myspace page too. And he is on my friends list. He doesn't give out advice like I do, but I know he follows what I say to the fucking letter. I'll let him know that you said nice things about his work. He just does what i tell him to do and understands that life is all about choices. Saying yes to one thing and no to another.
You make choices too, Parker. I'm sure they will be pretty good ones.
Also, isn't it odd that my mom named us both Andy? I should ask her why sometime.
While I'm thinking of it, don't go to Iraq. There is a war going on there.
Go to London or Amsterdam. They have great doughnuts.

Stay Awesome, Parker!

Your friend at the end of the bar,
Yes Andy!

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